Alex TudoseFarm Manager
Alex Tudose
Ana DigónCommunicator and Regenerative Event Organiser
Ana Digón
Andy GoldringCEO Permaculture Association (Britain)
Andy Goldring
Beat RölliBiologist, Permaculture Designer, Farmer
Beat Rölli
Charlie GrayEthnobotanist, Food Systems Designer, Seed Steward
Charlie Gray
Charlotte KottuschResearch Assistant/VFPC Speaker
Charlotte Kottusch
Graham BurnettPositive solutions for regenerative futures
Graham Burnett
India HamiltonRegenerative designer and entrepreneur
India Hamilton
Iris KunzeGeographer, expert on intentional communities
Iris Kunze
Iryna KazakovaProject coordinator at NGO Permaculture in Ukraine
Iryna Kazakova
Jóvenes en PermaculturaFeaturing Auba Riera & Eddie Brown
Jóvenes en Permacultura
Julie MathesJournalist focusing on environmental issues
Julie Mathes
Jyoti FernandesFarmer and land rights activist
Jyoti Fernandes
La BolinaEcological, regenerative and intercultural association
La Bolina
Mark Ridsdill SmithContainer gardener, author and teacher
Mark Ridsdill Smith
Matt SwarbrickOptimist and Tea Maker at Henbant
Matt Swarbrick
Matteo MazzolaRegenerative farmer, consultant and educator
Matteo Mazzola
Morag GambleFounder, presenter and educator
Morag Gamble
Murad AlkhufashMarda Permaculture Farm founder
Murad Alkhufash
Pat MooneyAuthority on issues of global governance, corporate concentration, and intellectual property monopoly
Pat Mooney
Pavlo ArdanovResearcher and lecturer. Co-founder of NGO Permaculture in Ukraine
Pavlo Ardanov
PermaMedPermaculture educators and practitioners
Permayouth Hubs UgandaFeaturing Brenda Nakafeero & Rolande Ansima Casinga
Permayouth Hubs Uganda
Perrine Hervé-GruyerPermaculture and agroecology consultant
Perrine Hervé-Gruyer
Peter BrooksSpatial researcher
Peter Brooks
Pippa ChapmanBackyard forest gardener
Pippa Chapman
Precious PhiriSmallholder farmer, regenerative agriculture practitioner and trainer
Precious Phiri
Rob HopkinsFounder of the Transition movement.
Rob Hopkins
Sheila DarmosAdvocate for Regenerative Farming
Sheila Darmos
Stephanie HaffertyGarden writer, consultant and designer
Stephanie Hafferty
Steve CharterFunding Coordinator PAB, iACT Project Lead
Steve Charter
Suzy RussellSupporting and promoting Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in the UK
Suzy Russell
Valerie SeitzOrganizing the transformation as a trainer, project developer and designer
Valerie Seitz
Learning from Leeds
Learning from Leeds

Learning from Leeds

Urban planning with Permaculture

Strategy for a better food future in Leeds, England

Took place on 19 Jan '23

If you enjoy this, book your place at the Forum 1-5 March.

Climate Action Leeds
Day 1 - Food Systems
Day 1 - Food Systems
DAY 2 - Garden Scale
DAY 2 - Garden Scale
DAY 3 - Community Scale
DAY 3 - Community Scale
DAY 4 - Farm Scale
DAY 4 - Farm Scale
DAY 5 - Future Care
DAY 5 - Future Care
Learning from Leeds

More Details

Cities and urban areas are complex and provide a home to 72% of Europe’s population. If we want a regenerative food system we need to make city food systems work for people and planet.

In this session, we looked at a case study of how permaculture is used in the city of Leeds. In the north of England, Leeds has around 800,000 residents with many food initiatives working to tackle social, environmental and health challenges.

Watch Andy, Sonja, Pete and Luke to find out how permaculture is making change at the local level and how this is starting to influence the city’s strategy for a better food future. Learn about their successes and challenges and the different initiatives that are part of the wider process of change.

Meet the Speakers

Andy Goldring

Andy moved to Leeds in 1989, and since learning about permaculture in 1992, has been involved in a range of local projects and initiatives, and in running annual design courses. He was a member of the Feed Leeds initiative and since 2020, has been involved in delivering the Climate Action Leeds project, which is an ambitious £2.5 Million project aiming for a ‘Zero Carbon, Nature Friendly, Socially Just Leeds’ by the 2030’s. This project is bringing together many different stakeholders and sustainability strands and giving fresh energy to food and nature initiatives across the city. Andy is also Chief Executive of the Permaculture Association (Britain).

Luke Justice

Luke grew up in one of the UK’s pioneering ecological housing projects - the Hockerton Project - and has had a longstanding passion for sustainable living and action. He has been leading the development of a new Community Supported Agriculture/urban farming scheme at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm on the edge of the city centre in Leeds. Luke also works with Andy on the Leeds Permaculture Course.

Sonja Woodcock

Sonja’s passion is food and its health, social, economic and environmental benefits. She is interested in how we as individuals and, as a society, are influenced by the food system. Sonja has an MSc in Food Policy and has been actively working towards developing a sustainable food strategy for Leeds. Her current post is funded by Sustainable Food Cities and the University of Leeds N8 Agrifood group and hosted by Zest Leeds. Sonja is heavily involved in a number of important and interesting food-based activities in Leeds, in particular, the Leeds Food Partnership, Sonja and Foodwise are the Food partner lead for the Climate Action Leeds project.

Pete Tatham

Pete did a permaculture course in 2010 and joined Hyde Park Source in 2013 where they are improving health and wellbeing through improving the environment through community gardening, design and build and outdoor education. Pete keeps a million plates spinning and is still as cool as a cucumber! He leads on developing new projects and finding suitable funding, developing the Hyde Park Source strategy and supporting the staff team. Pete is also the Nature partner lead for the Climate Action Leeds project and a brilliant DJ!

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