Public Viewing

Invite your friends and colleagues!

How does this work?

The EUPC Forum is a place where people gather – online and live!

We provide a five day programme with inspiring speakers and great project work shared, enough to talk about and discuss with your local community about your local area. What is already happening to create a healthy food system around you? What is missing and could be started by some of you?

Set up an event to screen our Forum with a group of others. This is a great way to gather together local permaculture practitioners and enthusiasts to watch the show and discuss what you see. Perhaps consider following up any viewings with a discussion group in-person or online?

What ticket should we buy?

You only need one access ticket to view the event with a group but, if doing so, please consider donating more to support the continuation of the EUPC (you could collect donations on the day, for instance, or share this link with participants). One ticket gives you access to all 5 days of live broadcasts and the recordings of these afterwards. We recognise that you might only want to stage a viewing on one day of course.

A single access ticket will give only one person access to the event recordings afterwards, so others may wish to sign up and buy these later. Details of recording-only packages will be available after the event finishes

Let us know about your event!

If you organize a local meeting watching the EUPC 2023 together with your community, take a picture and share it with us:

on instagram

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or e-mail to us at