Tickets on sale now

We have chosen a pay structure that reflects the different economic situations in various parts of Europe. Also, that people value things differently.

Organising the EUPC forum and to develop the EUPC community is a lot of work and your paying for a ticket is key to supporting our efforts. Please pay what you can afford. Thanks for participating & strengthening the network!

Below, you can purchase your ticket, or for more information on what you get for your ticket, please click here. For information on payment options and surplus, click here.

For those with restricted income or resources, we are able to offer a limited number of bursary tickets. For €0 tickets, please use the application form at the bottom of this page. For €15 tickets, you can book them below with other tickets. There are only 100 of these available, first-come, first-served. You are welcome to purchase these if you cannot afford one of the higher priced tickets but are able to make a contribution for your attendance.

If you are a permaculture group wishing to book and participate in the event together, you can contact us about group discounts via our email: info@eupc.community.

What do I get?

  • 5 days with 3hrs+ of live content each day
  • Hear from 25+ inspiring speakers from all corners of Europe
  • Access to recordings after each day’s broadcast
  • Recordings remain available to you for 12 months afterwards
  • Opportunity to participate in live discussions and Q&As
  • Opportunity to chat and connect with other participants
  • Opportunity to share links to your own projects
  • Helping build a vibrant, thriving European Permaculture Community
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Info around ticketing

Payment options

  • Payments are primarily taken via debit/bank card, credit card or Paypal
  • You can also arrange to pay via bank transfer

For this, choose bank transfer below the field for the credit card. You will then order the ticket and get an email from the EUPC with the details to make the bank payment.

Please use this reference: Your Surname-EUPC2023 (e.g. Muller-EUPC2023)

How do I access the event?

  • After paying for your ticket you will receive an email as confirmation.
  • You will then receive regular updates on the programme – who is coming, latest announcements, when things are happening, etc – to your email.
  • Few days prior tot he event you will get an email with instructios to enter our broadcast platform Crowdcast.
  • During and after the event you will get infos where to access the recordings.
  • The recording will be available for a whole year, so you can re-watch at your leisure.
  • Further Details in the Live Event Guide

It is important that, when registering, you enter the email you want to use during the event!

What happens if there is surplus?

All surplus from the event will be used to build the European Permaculture Community. This will include supporting the growth of permaculture in areas of Europe where it is not yet strongly represented.

We have a lot of ideas and plans to develop the possibilities for an exchange of people interested and experienced in permaculture.

There are quite some hours of volunteer work in this project but we need further budget  – for example for development of the technical tools of hosting a community network online.

Bursary Options (For The Small Purse)

What are the bursaries available?

We have two types of bursary available, totalling 50 tickets at €0 and 100 tickets at €15. Bursaries are funded by the EUPC partners and sponsors.

  • Both bursaries offer full access to the event and to the recordings for 12 months afterwards.
  • The main bursary costs €0 for access to the event. You will need to fill out the application form below to apply.
  • The second bursary is for €15 and is available along with other tickets at the top of this page.

Who are these bursaries for?

The bursaries are aimed at:-

  • People under the age of 25
  • People living in European nations with low economic capacity
  • People living in non-European nations with low economic capacity
  • Volunteer-based projects across Europe with limited resources

How do I apply for a €0 bursary place?

Please fill in the Google Form here.

Don’t hesitate to write us here via our contact form with any questions, or directly to info@eupc.community. Please use the subject line: Bursary Application.