Sponsor the EUPC Forum

What is the European Permaculture Community?

The European Permaculture Community has emerged from the earlier European Permaculture Network with a focus on connecting individuals, projects and communities rather than national and regional bodies.

It is a new online-based community that aims to connect those interested in permaculture, sustainable solutions and ethical lifestyles with experienced practitioners, projects and local networks. The community is founded on the permaculture principles of earth care, people care and fair shares with learning, inspiration and cooperation at its heart.

What is the EUPC Forum?

The European Permaculture Community Forum (EUPC) is a 5 day online event taking place from March 1st – 5th 2023 and dedicated to sharing inspiration and information from across the community to as wide an audience as possible. We feature speakers and projects both live and via pre-recorded material from spheres including permaculture, regenerative agriculture and urban agriculture, community projects and much more. The 2023 theme is based around food and food systems at different scales from home to farming.

The event is produced professionally with all sessions recorded and made available after the event. 

Who will we reach with our marketing?

The EUPC Marketing Team aim to reach out to every national and regional permaculture organisation in Europe to share information about the event. They maintain the website, social media and an email subscriber list.

  • Through social media we outreach to thousands of people educated in permaculture and engaged in practical action across the world.
  • Our mailing list of over 1,000 subscribers is growing – we send content from our events and network.
  • We work with national associations and the European Permaculture Network (EUPN), Ecolise and others to share information to wider audiences.
  • The majority of attendees of the EUPC Forum are expected to come from Northern Europe, Spain and Portugal though we had representatives of over 30 nations at our last event in 2021. Full breakdown of 2021 attendee locations available on request.

Why sponsor us?

The EUPC online event in 2021 was the first of its kind in Europe and attracted over 1000 registrations. Attendees were made up of permaculture professionals; regenerative farmers and landowners; community practitioners; social entrepreneurs and business owners and many more. 

The event produced more than 30hrs of high quality recorded video content with speakers and participants from 20+ countries taking part. The EUPC is the only event attracting such a diverse audience from across the spectrum of permaculture on a continent-wide level. Yet the potential to grow the audience is huge with 5000+ attendees per event a realistic target within the next 3 years. This is a massive opportunity to connect with an ecologically-minded and future-focused community like no other.

Food is a hugely important subject in our times and one of great interest to a wide demographic of people. Permaculture showcases food systems and methods that can be widely applied to increase sustainability in our personal and collective lives. You will be supporting that goal with your sponsorship.

By sponsoring the EUPC, you will:

  • Help fund bursaries for those otherwise unable to attend
  • Be supporting the growth of this future-facing community
  • Allow us to dedicate more resources to outreach and content development across Europe, increasing access to permaculture and regenerative knowledge and resources.
  • Help build a more connected community and further international projects that bring us closer together.
  • Ensure we can support fledgling projects and provide focused support to nations and regions where permaculture networks are less developed.

How sponsorship benefits you:

  • You will connect your business / enterprise / project with a growing international community of changemakers.
  • You will signal your intent to work towards a more harmonious thriving world where the ethics of earth care, people care and fair shares are first and foremost.
  • You will know that your support is benefiting people and projects working for these ethics and a more sustainable, just world.
  • You will have the chance to give tickets to your own networks and colleagues, bringing knowledge of permaculture directly to those you work and live with.
  • You will be part of a movement full of new and innovative ideas with a solutions-based approach to current and future issues.

There are 3 tiers of sponsorship available. Each tier has a ‘guide range’ of cost to the sponsor. The details of the Lead and Champion sponsorship packages are negotiable on an individual basis.

Permaculture Partner Sponsor

€250 – €500

  • Unlimited sponsors in this category
  • Up to 5 Tickets for the EUPC Forum 2023
  • 2 bursary places funded and allocated collaboratively
  • Call to Action during live broadcasts
  • Banners & Links on our social/community platform
  • Promotion on social media, newsfeeds, website
  • This sponsorship is ideal for smaller permaculture and food-based businesses and projects looking to reach a wider audience and attend the event as a team.

Permaculture Champion Sponsor

€1000 – €2500

  • Maximum 2 sponsors in this category
  • Up to 10 Tickets for the EUPC Forum 2023
  • 5 bursary places funded and allocated collaboratively
  • Banner & Call to Action on screen periodically during the live event broadcasts
  • Banners & Links on our social/community platform
  • Promotion on social media, newsfeeds, website
  • Chance to run a competition / promotion
  • Perfect for small/medium businesses trading in multiple European nations

Permaculture Leader Sponsor

€2500 – €5000

  • Single Sponsor opportunity
  • Up to 20 Tickets for the EUPC Forum 2023
  • 10 bursary places funded and allocated collaboratively
  • Banner & Call to Action on screen during live event
  • Live presentation during main broadcast + daily mentions
  • Opportunity to host a session and sponsor the Open Community programme
  • Banners & Links on our social/community platform
  • Promotion on social media, newsfeeds, website
  • Chance to run a competition / promotion

For more information or to discuss opportunities in more detail please email info@eupc.community or call Dan on (+44)7792 353864 (UK) or Valerie (+43)6648 624394