The EUPC Community

European Permaculture Community

We are a diverse collective of organisations and individuals joining efforts to support a growing permaculture community in Europe by:

  • Organising regular and accessible online events to highlight Permaculture practices around Europe
  • Supporting network weaving and interconnectivity within the European Permaculture people and projects
  • Increasing information availability and services exchange among Permaculture practitioners, apprentices and curious-minded

How will we build the network?

All surplus from the Forum and other events will be used to build the European Permaculture Community. This will include supporting the growth of permaculture in areas of Europe where it is not yet strongly represented.

We have a lot of ideas and plans to develop the possibilities for an exchange of people interested and experienced in permaculture.

There are quite some hours of volunteer work in this project but we need further budget  – for example for development of the technical tools of hosting a community network online.

How it all started

Our Vision

Permaculture is a fantastic toolkit to design all kinds of regenerative projects like gardens, community initiatives, market gardens or sustainable start ups. It is so needed for a powerful move towards change.

“This knowledge has to get into the world” was the core motivation of Andy Goldring and Valerie Seitz, who are both active in their national Permaculture Associations.

Combining the experience in online events and community building projects, a great team was formed. We successfully hosted the first online Permaculture Convergence in 2021, with 1000 participants. Now we are committed to organise a Community Forum every year.