EUPC Forum 2023

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EUPC Forum 2023

The European Permaculture Community Forum (EUPC) is a 5-day online event, taking place from March 1st – 5th 2023, dedicated to sharing inspiration and information from across the community to as wide an audience as possible.

We will feature speakers and projects both live and pre-recorded from spheres including: permaculture, regenerative agriculture, urban agriculture, community projects and more.

How to participate?

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All tickets provide access to the 5 days of live content and all recordings from the event for a whole year.

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Let's talk about food!

Food affects all of us, whether we love growing our own or wonder what the footprint of our shopping-list is. For this reason, we decided to focus this year’s main event, the EUPC Forum, on food systems.

Food production in the world today means…

  • Conventional approaches have a huge negative environmental impact and make a big contribution to climate change
  • There is more and more doubt regarding global and local food quality and security

Permaculture shows there is an alternative!
Permaculture practices highlight that producing food in harmony with natural ecosystems is better for everyone, increasing biodiversity, building up soil and guaranteeing more stable livelihoods for farmers.

The theme of the EUPC Forum 2023 is based around food at different scales from home to farming. Each day is dedicated to a specific field of food production.
The programme page provides an overview.