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FORUM 2023 March 1 - 5 >> Let’s talk about Food!

Overview of all pages

The website package “Kongress Suite ready to go” contains

  • all pages and templates, which are necessary for the organisation of a summit
  • the Kongress Suite plugin, which runs automatically the summit and generates:
    (1) interview pages with the speakers
    (2) landing page for each speaker
    (3) the content of the members area
  • design templates for download

Homepage = Landing Page for the summit

The start page contains all the necessary sections for promoting the summit:
– Header section with video and subscription form
– Sections with benefits
– Expert gallery
– And much more

The summit title and date are automatically taken from the centrally stored data.

Only the individual sections need to be filled with the data specific to the summit.
Homepage >>

Newsletter – Almost done

This page can be used for the Double-Optin process without any adaptation. The support email address is automatically inserted from the centrally stored data.
Newsletter – Almost done >>

Newsletter – You are in

The thank you page for the subscription for the summit has been prepared in terms of content and design. The picture of the freebie and the link to it is still to be exchanged, as well as the link to the Facebook group or Facebook page, if desired.
Newsletter – You are in >>

Speaker Landing pages

The speaker landig page already contains all the necessary sections for promoting the summit: header section with video and subscription form, summit benefits, expert gallery, and much more. The summit title and date are automatically taken from the centrally stored data. The data for the speaker landing pages are stored centrally with the speaker.
The template for the speaker landing page is stored centrally. The adaptation of the speaker landing page to one’s own wishes is thus carried out centrally and can be handled easily and without programming knowledge.

Example of a speaker landing page >>

Interview pages

The interview pages are generated from the centrally stored speaker data. The template for the interview pages can be changed centrally and without programming knowledge.
Interview page example >>

Example page for inserting the speaker data

Summit package sales page

The sales page for the complete summit package contains all the essential sections.
Summit package sales page >>

Digistore24 Thank-you page

The Digistore24 thank you page contains:

  1. the text required by Digistore24
  2. a note regarding the member area
  3. the support email from the organizer

The support email address and the summit title are taken from the centrally stored data.
Digistore24 Thank-you page >>

Member area Login

The login page already contains the Digimember login for logging into the member area. It is only needed if you use the Digimember Plugin (membership plugin).
Member area Login >>

Member area

The member area is automatically filled in from the centrally stored speaker data. Different templates are available for the design of the member area. A speaker index makes it easier to find the speakers data: streaming video, video and audio downloads, bonuses and information regarding the speaker.
Member area >>

Member area – successfully logged out

The “successfully logged out page” is only needed, when you use the Digimember plugin to protect the member area page. It contains a link to the login page, so that buyers can log in again to the member area.
Member area – successfully logged out >>

Affiliate program

Affiliate partners can find here all the necessary data and explanations for starting an affiliate partnership:

  • information how to generate an affiliate link
  • link to promotional materials
  • calculation of affiliate commission

You only have to

  • set the percentage of the affiliate commission
  • upload and insert the advertising materials
  • exchange the picture of the organizer
  • adjust your personal greeting

Affiliate program >>


The FAQ page contains the essential technical questions about a summit and the involved procedures. Links to the registration page and the contact page are stored centrally and are automatically set correctly. The same applies to the support email address.
FAQ >>

Summit schedule

The summit schedule page contains the dates of the summit. The interview dates are stored at the central data of the speakers. If an appointment changes in the central data, the appointment also changes on the schedule page.
Summit schedule >>


The contact page contains the contact form and the picture of the organizer. The picture of the organizer is to be exchanged and email address where the message from the contact form should be sent to, is to be inserted.
Contact >>

Privacy policy

The privacy policy is preconfigured with the help of the generator of Only the personal data needs to be inserted.
Privacy policy >>


The privacy policy is preconfigured with the help of the generator of The personal data and the country specific regulations need to be inserted.
Imprint >>