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Alex has set up community gardens and works for the Permaculture Research Institute in Romania.
alex-tudose-e1675198785293.jpg 23.17 KB

Co-founder & coordinator for the last decade of the Regen Ag Association in Iberia.
Day-1_Ana-Digon_photo.jpeg 22.27 KB

andreas_frank.png 146.01 KB

A long term PC teacher, Andrew developed the first PC Diploma system in the UK. Founder of Gaia university where knowledge from the ecovillage and permaculture movements are brought together. Action learning in the base of the independent education institute, Gaia University.
Untitled-300-×-300-px-1.png 50.99 KB

Part of the Permaculture Association (Britain) since 1993, as a member, volunteer, trustee and as Chief Executive since 1999. As well as teaching, Andy is working on a project called Climate Action Leeds, to co-produce a permaculture style city by the 2030s.
Andy-Goldring.jpg 10.81 KB

Biologist, permaculture designer, farmer, manager and owner of a permaculture consultancy.
Beat-Rolli.png 108.61 KB

Charlotte works full-time as a social ecologist at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. She works scientifically in the field of system interrelationships in the areas of food systems, land use and climate change.
Charlotte-Kottusch-e1675334268107.jpg 9.38 KB

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chris-becker-foto-270x270.jpg 47.12 KB
TEST.jpg 98.19 KB

Christian-Enengl.jpg 23.25 KB

Commonland’s landscape partner AlVelAl has developed 3 regenerative businesses: an almond-focused company, an olive oil cooperative, and a food platform to sell regenerative products from across the territory.
speaker_placeholder.jpg 2.1 KB

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X6A6367_web-v2.jpg 10.19 KB

Understanding Food Systems - Cabbages or Avocados?

The food system is complex and under pressure like never before. Very different ideas about the future of food are emerging and we need to give as much energy and support to the Earth Care, People Care, Fair Shares version as possible.

Do we want a food system dominated by a small number of global corporations, or a more localised future, with a diversity of people and approaches involved? What kind of growing systems can meet our needs, enhance biodiversity and tackle climate change? How can we support the future we want with our actions and our money? Does permaculture and alike taste better?

Come along to explore these and many other questions with our inspiring and knowledgeable speakers, bring your own questions and share your ideas and projects in the Community Forum.

This evening programme runs for 3 hours and starts at:
18:00 GMT (London / Lisbon)
19:00 CET (Central Europe – Berlin / Paris / Rome)
20:00 CET + 1 (Athens / Helsinki / Kyiv)

If needed check the map with time zones.

Day-1.jpg 13.45 KB
Day-1-Photo.jpg 66.08 KB

Garden Scale- Grow your own!

Growing our own food can be satisfying and enjoyable, as well as very productive. For many it is the only way to make ends meet. Permaculture helps us design multifunctional gardens that can be biodiverse, beautiful and resilient to a changing climate.

Whether you have, or not, a garden, allotment, balcony, huerta or smallholding, this session will share some brilliant ideas for you to take away and apply. If you haven’t started growing yet, come along and be inspired by what you can do in even the smallest spaces!

This evening programme runs for 3 hours and starts at:
18:00 GMT (London / Lisbon)
19:00 CET (Central Europe – Berlin / Paris / Rome)
20:00 CET + 1 (Athens / Helsinki / Kyiv)

If needed check the map with time zones.

Day-2.jpg 13.29 KB
Day-2-Photo.jpg 157.51 KB

Community Scale - Growing together

Food is a community activity, and is at the heart of every culture. Food projects can improve our physical and mental health and create a supportive space where we build new relationships with each other and the land.

Community and neighbourhood gardens, school gardens, market gardens, ecovillages, community cooperatives and community supported agriculture are all brilliant ways to grow food and create more resilient and joyful communities.

Come along and be nourished by our speakers, share your own initiatives and help engage with the big questions about creating a community based food system.

This evening programme runs for 3 hours and starts at:
16:00 GMT (London / Lisbon)
17:00 CET (Central Europe – Berlin / Paris / Rome)
18:00 CET + 1 (Athens / Helsinki / Kyiv)

If needed check the map with time zones.

Day-3.jpg 13.58 KB
Day-3-Photo.jpg 85.11 KB

Farm Scale - Growing for Others

Building on the key concepts of multifunctional design and community resilience, Growing for Others will explore how permaculture practitioners are developing multifunctional, resilient farm livelihoods and enterprises.

Our speakers will show how they are blending approaches like agroforestry, biodynamics, holistic management grazing and a host of other techniques to create farms that grow nutritious food and have many other benefits for nature and community.

Whether you are an aspiring new grower wanting to create your own farm future, or a responsible consumer wanting to support ethical growers, this session will inspire and activate you!

This evening programme runs for 3 hours and starts at:
16:00 GMT (London / Lisbon)
17:00 CET (Central Europe – Berlin / Paris / Rome)
18:00 CET + 1 (Athens / Helsinki / Kyiv)

If needed check the map with time zones.

Day-4.jpg 12.87 KB
Day-4-Photo.jpg 147.13 KB

Future Care - Caring for Our Food Futures

The last session of this year’s European Permaculture Community Forum will weave together different strands from our learning into a tapestry of options and actions we can all take for a healthy food future.

How can we support young people and underrepresented groups to get into farming and growing? What projects are happening to share learning and develop permaculture networks? How do we prepare for the challenges of climate change? How can we link to other groups and networks with similar aims and visions for an Earth Care, People Care, Fair Shares future?

Lots of questions, and many more answers. Join us and share your plans, or discover your own next step with help from a brilliant lineup of speakers and practitioners!

This evening programme runs for 3 hours and starts at:
16:00 GMT (London / Lisbon)
17:00 CET (Central Europe – Berlin / Paris / Rome)
18:00 CET + 1 (Athens / Helsinki / Kyiv)

If needed check the map with time zones.

Day-5.jpg 11.52 KB
Day-5-Photo.jpg 77.35 KB

The community vision in terms of food production is to develop a conscious consuming: the idea is thus to increase awareness of the impact of purchasing decisions on the environment and society in general. It is partly based on self-sufficiency on various products.
Sieben-Linden-e1675332940742.jpg 25.98 KB

Food Systems - Where does my avocado come from?

Food is life-sustaining, and it is political. Europe is in an increasingly polarised situation in which hunger, ecosystem degradation, climate change, etc are either ignored or taken up as the main agenda by both grass-roots and governmental organisations. However, climate does not know boundaries, so neither should the solutions proclaimed to solve the global changes already upon us.

Join Cândida and Sarah in a territorial to continental exploration, from the reality on the ground to the governance and activism among the European environmental offices. If we really knew the water, energy and ecosystem footprint of one single intensively-farmed avocado, would we so readily give in to propaganda of its irreplaceable nutritional value or incomparable flavour...? 

From a conceptual and practical perspective, is the Permaculture design method being applied to beyond the farm fences? If not, how could territorial efforts be supported by the techniques and networks Permaculture has worked on for several decades? Add your voice to this discussion!

Register for Free

Please register here. All events from the Winter Series will be held on Zoom. You will receive information about the event and a reminder closer to the date via email.

Each event runs for 90 minutes and starts at:
18:00 GMT (London / Lisbon)
19:00 CET (Central Europe – Berlin / Vienna / Paris / Rome)
20:00 CET + 1 (Athens / Helsinki / Kyiv)

If needed check the map with time zones.

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3.jpg 12.39 KB
Citrus-Algarve-1b-e1671550771874.png 726.61 KB

Graham has been teaching permaculture since 1998, is a holder of the Diploma in Permaculture Design and author of Permaculture A Beginner’s Guide and the Vegan Book of Permaculture.
Graham-Burnett-e1673878930227.jpg 28.31 KB

India is a food entrepreneur with a focus on complexity, experienced in using permaculture principles in the marketplace.
India-Hamilton-e1653556578390-295x305-1.jpg 19.58 KB

Iryna Kazakova is a project coordinator at NGO Permaculture in Ukraine and GEN Ukraine.
Day-2_Iryna-Kazakova_photo-e1675196739894.jpg 22.76 KB

Cofounder of La Casa Integral which offers a model of localised resilience in urban areas through designing a metabolic house which captures, stores and cycles energy and nutrients, thus providing you and your surroundings with a positive impact, a home, and abundance.
Untitled-design-1.jpg 21.39 KB

speaker_placeholder.jpg 2.1 KB

Smallholder farmer on a regenerative agroecological holding and head of policy at the Landworkers Alliance.
Jyoti-Fernandes-295x305-1.jpg 18.77 KB

La Bolina is an ecological, regenerative and intercultural association based in El Valle.
Logo-de-La-Bolina-e1675197339229.png 31.49 KB

Food in the City - Learning from Leeds

Cities and urban areas are complex and provide a home to 72% of Europe’s population. If we want a regenerative food system we need to make city food systems work for people and planet.

In this session, we will look at a case study of how permaculture is used in the city of Leeds. In the north of England, Leeds has around 800,000 residents with many food initiatives working to tackle social, environmental and health challenges. 

Join Andy, Sonja, Pete and Luke to find out how permaculture is making change at the local level and how this is starting to influence the city’s strategy for a better food future. Learn about their successes and challenges and the different initiatives that are part of the wider process of change.

Bring your own links, questions and stories too so we can all leave with more knowledge and understanding of how to inspire change in cities.

Register for Free

Please register here. All events from the Winter Series will be held on Zoom. You will receive information about the event and a reminder closer to the date via email.

The event runs for 90 minutes and starts at:
18:00 GMT (London / Lisbon)
19:00 CET (Central Europe – Berlin / Vienna / Paris / Rome)
20:00 CET + 1 (Athens / Helsinki / Kyiv)

If needed, check this map with time zones.

Meet the Speakers

Andy Goldring

Andy moved to Leeds in 1989, and since learning about permaculture in 1992, has been involved in a range of local projects and initiatives, and in running annual design courses. He was a member of the Feed Leeds initiative and since 2020, has been involved in delivering the Climate Action Leeds project, which is an ambitious £2.5 Million project aiming for a ‘Zero Carbon, Nature Friendly, Socially Just Leeds’ by the 2030’s. This project is bringing together many different stakeholders and sustainability strands and giving fresh energy to food and nature initiatives across the city. Andy is also Chief Executive of the Permaculture Association (Britain).

Luke Justice

Luke grew up in one of the UK’s pioneering ecological housing projects - the Hockerton Project - and has had a longstanding passion for sustainable living and action. He has been leading the development of a new Community Supported Agriculture/urban farming scheme at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm on the edge of the city centre in Leeds. Luke also works with Andy on the Leeds Permaculture Course.

Sonja Woodcock

Sonja’s passion is food and its health, social, economic and environmental benefits. She is interested in how we as individuals and, as a society, are influenced by the food system. Sonja has an MSc in Food Policy and has been actively working towards developing a sustainable food strategy for Leeds. Her current post is funded by Sustainable Food Cities and the University of Leeds N8 Agrifood group and hosted by Zest Leeds. Sonja is heavily involved in a number of important and interesting food-based activities in Leeds, in particular, the Leeds Food Partnership, Sonja and Foodwise are the Food partner lead for the Climate Action Leeds project.

Pete Tatham

Pete did a permaculture course in 2010 and joined Hyde Park Source in 2013 where they are improving health and wellbeing through improving the environment through community gardening, design and build and outdoor education. Pete keeps a million plates spinning and is still as cool as a cucumber! He leads on developing new projects and finding suitable funding, developing the Hyde Park Source strategy and supporting the staff team. Pete is also the Nature partner lead for the Climate Action Leeds project and a brilliant DJ!

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2.jpg 16.98 KB

A founding and active member of Permacultura Mediterranea, Youth in Permaculture, Gaia Youth, Community and Ecology Resources, and Escola Kumar.
Mandy_merklein_7-e1675333828652.jpg 25.44 KB

Mark founded Vertical Veg to inspire and support growing food in small urban spaces. His focus is on productive, sustainable and affordable gardening in containers. He's written a book on it.
mark-ridsdill-smith-e1674743128775.jpg 20.27 KB

ehemaliger Förster und Coach - war 18 Jahre Manager bei Coca-Cola
martin_300x300.jpg 51.35 KB

Das GetReady-Paket & die Kongress-Suite ermöglichen dir, deinen Kongress rasch und einfach aufzubauen und ablaufen zu lassen.
martin_300x300.jpg 51.35 KB

Matt runs Henbant farm in north-west Wales, with his family. After a career in TV production, Matt left for a simpler life in the country. Henbant is showing that you can buy a small farm on a mortgage and make it work.
Matt-Swarbrick-e1673884343966.jpg 22.46 KB

Matteo owns and farms Iside Farm with his parnter. It is a 6 acre farm in Solzano, Italy, started in 2016, based around keyline silvopasture system producing nuts and fruit with sheep and donkeys moving between. As well as a market garden.
Matteo-e1675200348806.png 476.67 KB

Mirjam ist Kongress Suite Assistant und für das Platzieren der Textinhalte, Bilder und Links in der Kongress Suite zuständig. Sie übernimmt die Textkorrektur der kompletten Kongress-Website, schreibt auf Wunsch das Kongress-Handbuch und unterstützt ggf. beim E-Mail-Support.
Mirjam-Portrait1.jpg 52.73 KB

Expert and advocate for permaculture education, school gardens and creating a permaculture livelihood.
Morag-e1674744975812.jpg 13.75 KB

Panel with Andy Goldring as moderator and speakers: Teresa Distelberger, Sheila Darmos, Sergi Caballero, & Alex Tudose
Panel.jpg 12.14 KB

Co-founder and executive director of the ETC Group, and is an expert on agricultural diversity, biotechnology, and global governance.
pat-mooney-e1673881476523.jpg 25.43 KB

Pavlo Ardanov is co-founder of the NGO "Permaculture in Ukraine", researcher and university lecturer. He is developing a tool and a participatory methodology for designing crop polycultures and teaches the course "Agrobiodiversity and Design of Crop Polycultures".
Pavlo-Ardanov.jpg 21.72 KB

PermaMed is a Mallorca-based collective association that works to regreen the island and build a sustainable and socially-just society.
PermaMed-logo-e1674743796347.jpg 22.11 KB

Perrine co-created la Ferme Biologique du Bec Hellouin in Normandy, France, a profitable 20 hectares organic farm. Described by Eliot Colman as the ‘United Nations of all the best sustainable farming ideas.' Perrine also serves as a Green Party representative with the Regional Parliament of Haute-Normandie.
Perrine-Herve-Gruyer-e1673882850414.jpg 18.56 KB

Pippa Chapman is an RHS trained gardener who designs, plants and maintains abundant, biodiverse, edible and beautiful forest gardens.
PippaChapman-e1675330675162.jpg 32.22 KB

Rob is co-founder of the Transition movement, and is author of several books, most recently ‘From What Is to What If’. He has spoken at TED Global and he hosts the podcast ‘From What If to What Next‘.
Rob_Hopkins-e1675198416345.jpg 15.32 KB

At the EUPC 2021, Rosemary presented "Permaculture and The Global South'': How permaculture through its work in the Global South and with refugees is giving extraordinary results and opportunities for permaculturalists to be more relevant and ready for the challenges that this century is presenting us with.

Rosemary-Morrow.jpg 17.42 KB

Mas Les Vinyesis is an intentional community with a permaculture teaching and demo farm in rural Catalonia. Sergi is currently working on designing large-scale regenerative agroforestry farms and biologically intensive vegetable production.
Sergi-Caballero.jpg 13.41 KB

Bringing people together to create regenerative solutions: An expert in regenerative farming going beyond business to support farmers, spread learning, and build networks throughout Greece and Europe.
Sheila-Darmos.jpg 19.36 KB

Expert in regenerative agriculture from Germany with a big network of practitioners and scientists doing cutting edge work
Stefan-Schwarzer-1.jpg 15.01 KB

Steve has worked for many years activating and facilitating community transformation, as well as publishing books on natural health and teaching many permaculture design courses.
steve-charter.jpeg 10.16 KB

Watch the 2021 presentation about Permablitz London and the network of community gardens it creates and nurtures through shared learning and volunteering. Showing a wealth of examples, Susannah demonstrates how permablitz's can be used to support projects and strengthen communities.

Susannah-Hall.jpg 15.44 KB

Susanne Suter ist Online-Kongressveranstalterin, Software Entwicklerin/Projektleiterin, Kreative und ästhetische Gestalterin. Als Dr. Informatik hat sie zuerst zwei andere technische Kongresslösungen untersucht bevor sie bei der genialen Kongresssuite gelandet und hängen geblieben ist. Susanne begleitet dich technisch, mental und kreativ auf den Weg zu deinem professionellen Online-Kongress.
susanne-suter.png 164.86 KB

Suzy is passionate about local food and local communities and has worked in environmental and arts-based community development for over 20 years. Suzy is helping the UK CSA network to grow, as Network Coordinator.
Suzy-Russell-e1673881454872.jpg 14.31 KB

Gardening the permaculture way - how to get the most from your garden

Throughout the north-to-south European range of climates, adaptable gardening tips can make a considerable difference. Permaculture offers a pro-life approach via a broad range of techniques to develop upon. 

Come for a “walk” with Mandy and Lusi through self-explanatory, vibrant gardens in Mallorca and Scotland. Learn about simple techniques to build garden-scale resilience while regenerating your piece. They will explain the importance and steps of protecting soils in hot-dry mediterranean climates, planting local varieties from seed, mulching, constructed beds, shade forest gardens, year-round gardening and the essential ingredients… friends and multi-generation community.

Register for Free

Please register here. All events from the Winter Series will be held on Zoom. You will receive information about the event and a reminder closer to the date via email.

Each event runs for 90 minutes and starts at:
18:00 GMT (London / Lisbon)
19:00 CET (Central Europe – Berlin / Vienna / Paris / Rome)
20:00 CET + 1 (Athens / Helsinki / Kyiv)

If needed check the map with time zones.


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EUPC-300-×-300-px-WinterDays-Website-2-1.jpg 12.13 KB
bastgarden-scaled-e1671550728496.jpg 929.91 KB

Valerie is one of the co-initiators of the EUPC and is a core team member. You will meet her facilitating several events.

EUPC-team-valerie-seitz.jpg 111.56 KB
EuPC-Day-10-Valerie.jpg 168.44 KB


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