Social Spaces

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Social Space

The EUPC Forum is a place where people gather – online and live!

Beside the core programme we want to create spaces for people to meet up and share. So all ticketholders can join us on Zoom after the evening talks!

Friday March 3rd
starting at 19:00 GMT  l 20:00 CET

Saturday March 4th 
starting at  19:00 GMT  l 20:00 CET
Join us in Zoom here!

Details of how to attend will also be emailed to ticketholders and shared during the live event.

community hub 01

Community Hub

The Permaculture Association is hosting a social space on their Permaculture Community Hub on the Mighty Networks platform. All EUPC Forum attendees will be invited to join the space and get involved in the EUPC 2023 channels that we are making available.

Existing ticketholders will be sent an invitation to the Community Hub on Monday February 27th. Any ticketholders purchasing tickets after that point will be sent an email to join the social space within 24hrs of their ticket purchase.

Joining the Hub is entirely voluntary, you do not need to sign-up to enjoy the Forum.


Public Viewing

Gather your friends, family and collegues,
watch one of the EUPC Forum Days together
get inspired by the great projects
and think about what else you all could do

to improve your local food system.

More infos here.

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